This is the perfect set! Get either a gorilla and a skull refill or two of the same, meaning you don't have to worry about burning one! The gorilla candle has an amazingly intricate grumpy face (I think he's annoyed about being burned for some reason..??) that comes to life when lit. And who doesn't love a skull! We use two types of soy wax to ensure an incredible burn. The face has a wax with a higher melting point to encourage it to last longer and makes the burn look a whole lot creepier.

We have a variety of different standard colour faces for you to choose from or you can create your own!

These are a refill set for our container candles so if purchased loose, ensure you burn them within your own heatproof container.

Please specify if you'd like two Gorilla's, two Skulls or one of each and the colour.

Height - 8cm

Width - 6cm

Happy burning!


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Color 1
Colour 2