Frequently asked questions

How do I replace a refill?

If you bought one of our container candles and want to relace it with a new refill, follow these steps: 1, Make sure you burn the original all the way down until it can no longer be re-lit. 2, Allow to cool completely, then carefully pick out any remaining wax with a spoon, and place in a microwavable jug. Be sure to throw away the old metal wick sustainer. 3, Place your candle container in hot water (not boiling) or create a bain marie if the containers too large, and allow any leftover wax to melt before removing with tissue. Be extremely careful and ensure you are wearing marigolds. 4, Yay! Clean conainer. Now place the microwavable jug containing the old wax in the microwave for 30 second intervals until melted. If you have a lot of leftover wax only melt enough to cover the base of your container to fix your new refill. Pour the melted wax into your container to cover the base and allow it to cool slightly (not solidify) before fixing your new candle in the middle. Remember to factor in the refill displacing the melted wax when judging how much to pour in. 5, Allow to completely cool before moving. VOILA!